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Ventilation Maximum Roof Ventilation Solutions

Ventilation Maximum Roof Ventilation SolutionsIn the early 1980's, Ventilation Maximum designed and developed a new line of static ventilators for attics. They could be adapted to all types and shapes of roofs, as much for residential and commercial as for industrial and institutional use. Our products were specifically designed to function in our northern climate where snow infiltrating an attic is a common occurrence.

In order to provide quality customer service and better respond to the needs of our clients, we have put together a team of experts who are able to adapt our products to specific circumstances. They are ready to answer questions such as how to use our ventilators in a special architectural design, or simply how to harmonize the ventilator and roof colour.

We also offer technical support at all levels, and are ready to advise architects and project directors in the preparation of their estimates. This assistance is also available to retail store clerks who sell our products to the public as well as for roofing contractors or building owners who request technical information.

Our products are available throughout Canada and the U.S.A. through specialized roofing distributors or building supply stores in your area.

Ventilation Maximum Roof Ventilation Solutions


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