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Flat Roof Ventilator Model #102 and #102-pi

The ventilator functions with the combination of wind and pressure differentials, thus creating a
vacuum like effect, removing moisture and stale air from within the attic space.

Building code requires ventilation for restricted air space or flat roofs regardless of air intake. The requirements are 1/150 (Section 9.19.1 of the Canadian Building code of Canada). Flat Roof Ventilator Model #102 and #102-pi

Available in these standard colours:



Colours shown above may not appear exactly as intended due to monitor settings on your computer.
This model is design to be installed onto a wooden curb. We also make a model 102 with an insulated flat base flashing for torched down application or other.
This model is with compliance of the Building Code requirement of 1/150 regardless of the air space.
Standard colours: brown, black or grey.

A limited selection of special colours is available at a slight premium.

Click here to view your special colour options

N.B. The opening (hole) of the wooden curb determines the Net Free Ventilation Area and not the ventilator.

When specifying the size of the ventilator, remember to make an allowance for the thickness of the wooden curb as well as the roof membrane.  

Downloadable Charts

Click here to view a document on Flat Roof Ventilator Model #102 and #102-pi

(PDF, 416 KB)

Product Specifications

To download product specifications, you must have the username and password.
Please click here to request access to these documents.

Download specifications for 100-200 series Flat Roof Ventilators (PDF, 94 KB)

Download product description for 100-200 Series Flat Roof Ventilators (PDF,88 KB)

Download product description for 100-200 Series Flat Roof Ventilators (DOC,64 KB)


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