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Slope Roof Model #401 - Head replacement for turbines

Unlike the turbine, the 401 static ventilators do not require to rotate to prevent water or snow
infiltrations. Its unique storm proof deflector system prevents infiltrations while at the same time capturing the wind flow from any direction and at velocities as low as 4 miles/hr. With the
combination of wind and pressure differentials, a “chimney effect” results in drawing the air and moisture out, replacing it with fresh new air that enters through the soffits.
This ventilator was made to replace faulty 12 inches turbine ventilators, but can also replace 10 inches or 14 inches units with the use of an adaptor, which is ordered separately.

By removing the head of the turbine and leaving the existing base flashing, it allows for an easy installation without damaging, or replacing shingles.

Slope Roof Model #401 - Head replacement for turbines

Available in these standard colours:



Colours shown above may not appear exactly as intended due to monitor settings on your computer.
Standard colours: brown, black and grey.

A limited selection of special colours is available at a slight premium.

Click here to view your special colour options

Click here to view a document on the Model 401 for Sloped Roofs (PDF, 49 KB)

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