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A 360º offer designed for architects and construction professionals.

To work in partnership with architects and construction professionals, Ventilation Maximum has rolled out a unique web portal.

Discover a platform with free trainings and technical information to make your work easier. This all-in-one service includes dedicated technical support for quick and easy answers to your questions, along with a variety of other tools.

Free to sign up and access all tools

Accredited professional training

Technical assistance from a technical engineer

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Free training

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Our comprehensive and well-structured online trainings are designed specifically for architects. You’ll have access to a wide range of ongoing training resources delivered by ventilation professionals. The training hours you complete can also be counted toward your mandatory training.

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Certification workshops

Our certification workshops are comprehensive training programs for construction professionals. Completing these turnkey trainings will earn you a certification at the end. As a certified professional, you’ll gain the visibility of appearing on the list of certified installers on our website.

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Training videos

Access our short and practical training video capsules. You’ll quickly find the information you need while learning more about ventilation system techniques and specifications. Organized by category, capsules are easily accessible and the trainings are quick to complete.

Dedicated support for our partners

Exclusive assistance from our technical engineers

Ventilation Maximum offers an exclusive, high-quality technical assistance service to quickly answer all of your questions. You can directly contact a qualified technical engineer who will point you toward a concrete solution. We offer all the tools you need to make your work easier, accompanied by comprehensive support. Get answers to your questions via our online chat service or call our direct telephone line.

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Online chat

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Direct telephone line

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Web contact form

Access to tools tailored for you

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Revit 3D models
of our products

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Product spec sheets

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Sales support

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Interactive distributor map

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