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With millions sold, we have become the envy of the industry for top of the line technology and performance, not to mention the undisputed quality of our products. So don’t be fooled by imitations; if it doesn’t say Maximum, you’re not getting the performance and quality you deserve.

Ventilators and Exhaust Traps

Browse our different ventilators and exhaust traps, explore the different colour options available, or contact us today; A trained team of experts is on hand to answer any questions concerning our products and their installation.

Ventilators and Exhaust Traps Tested and Certified

Our ventilators are certified by Airs-ins laboratory, CSA Standards, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Miami Dade Approved, and Department of Agricultural Biosystems Engineering.

Ventilation Maximum Products are 100% Designed and Made in Canada

Available throughout Canada and the U.S.A, our premium line of ventilators are specifically designed to function in our northern climate. Used in residential, commercial and industrial uses, Ventilation Maximum’s products are design for all roof types.


Browse our different ventilators and exhaust traps, explore the different colour options available, or contact us today; A trained team of experts is on hand to answer any questions concerning our products and their installation.

Ventilator and Exhaust Trap Categories

Sloped Roof Ventilators

6 models to choose from including our unique ventilation system for cathedral roofs.
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Special Air Intake Vents

For those building with soffits that are restricted, obstructed, or even without soffits for the fresh air intake, there are now 7 options available for the perfect solution.
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Flat Roof Ventilators

4 models to choose from for all types of flat roofing applications.

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Roof Exhaust Traps

With 5 models to choose from, designed and built for final peace of mind.
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Industrial Ventilators

2 models to choose for the evacuation of large volumes of air.
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Wall Exhaust Traps

With 7 models to choose from, designed and built for high efficiency energy savings and durability.
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Why Ventilate?

Summer heat, trapped in the attic, creates a furnace effect, heating ceiling insulation, which then conducts heat through to the ceiling, and this heat is then radiated downward to persons and objects in the rooms below. This is why it is much warmer upstairs in the bedrooms than downstairs in the basement!

Other problems that arise by this are the curling, or the bleeding of shingles, and the warping of the sheathing. The air conditioner is working continuously to cool down the living area.

why ventilate in summer
Winter conditions bring a different type of problem. During the cold months of the year, the air inside the home is warmer and carries more water vapour than the colder, dryer air in the attic.

Cooking, laundry, showers, humidifiers and other activities using water contribute to this condition. There is a strong natural force, termed “vapour pressure”, that causes water vapour to migrate from high-humidity air or materials to low-humidity air. This migration of water vapour passes through ceilings, insulation and wood and even successfully circumvents a vapour barrier. It moves into the attic space where it can readily condense into liquid water on the cooler structural members-rafters, trusses, and especially the cold roof sheathing.


How Maximum Ventilators Work

No moving parts, needs no electricity,
so no maintenance for building owners.
Built in wire mesh screen prevents
‘unwanted guests’ from entering.
Built in storm proof deflectors.
Resists wind-speeds over 110 miles per hour (175 km/hr.)
Fully adjustable flashing.
Built from 24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel.
Baked, powder coated paint finish.
Lifetime guarantee on all manufacturing defects.

Testing and Certifications

Ventilation Maximum equals; Performance – Protection – Security – Quality, that’s what we are all about, and we have the tests to prove it!


Ventilation Maximum; A library of knowledge to all of your roof ventilation questions.

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Proudly made in Canada, no sourcing out, our success is producing products with undisputed Performance and Quality.


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